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25lb Beef Box



The Beef Box is the perfect package for trying out all our different cuts, or topping off your at home beef supply!


So if this is your first order with us, this is a great way to taste test our beef (warning, you'll have wished you ordered more!!!) 


The Beef package is 25lbs of Cut and Packaged Beef and fits in a standard size fridge/freezer combo (takes up about 1.1 cubic feet of space) 


What You Get in our Beef Box

Highest Quality Premium Steaks: 10-12lbs of top notch steaks including, Ribeye, T-Bone, Round or Cubed, Sirloin Tip or Sirloins!

3-4lbs of Delicous Pot Roast


Bonus Cuts: Tenderloin, Flank Steak, Skirt Steak, Rump Roast, Short Rib, Stew Meat, Soup Bones!

(Every Box Will Include 2 Bonus Cuts)


A New Standard for Ground Beef 

10lbs of the best Ground Beef you've ever had. Perfect for Burgers, Tacos, Meatloaf, you name it...

Packed in convenient 1lb packages. This is our signature 90/10 Ground Beef blend. 

Beef Box Sampler

    • All butchering and processing fees

    • Dry aging for flavor and tenderness between 14 to 21 days.

    • All items are professionally packaged, and labeled with name of cut. All meat is flash frozen to preserve freshness, quality and flavor.

    • Cuts are vacuum sealed from Matt's Custom Meats

    • Pick up will be at Donald Farms in Woodland Washington

    • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

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