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Frequently Asked Questions

Our goal is to provide clarity for our Donald Farms family! One of the ways we do that is by answering your questions before they're asked! If you have a question that we don't answer below, we would love to hear from you! Send us an email:


What Cuts Do I Get?

We have a standard cut list for quarter, half and whole beef, you can find these lists in our product descriptions 

We offer customized cut lists for half and whole beef! Our butcher will reach out to you after the deposit is paid to go over your options. Customization will allow you to choose the thickness of your steaks, as well as the quantity of certain cuts! You can also choose to keep any organs or bones for

soups and stocks with no additonal

Can I Customize
My Cuts?

How Long From Order To Pick-Up?

That depends on when you place your order, because we have monthly butcher dates. From the butcher date to pick-up, it takes 3 weeks. 

How Much Meat Will I Get In My Freezer?

You will get ~60% of the hanging weight in your freezer as mouthwatering and nutritious beef!

How Is The Meat Packaged?

Each butcher uses different packaging! Matt's Custom Meats and McPhee's Butcher Block vacuum seals each cut, Butcher Boys uses plastic wrap and butcher paper, and Ward's Custom Meats uses shrink wrap. Each of these three methods are all highly effective in keeping your beef looking and tasting great! 

How Much Do Your Cows Weigh?

Our cows hanging weight is typically 500 pounds for a whole, 250 pounds for a half and 125 pounds for a quarter. This weight will vary slightly, depending on the cow. 

Do You Medicate Your Cows?

We strive to limit the use of medications (antibiotics, vaccines, etc.) in our herd, unless a cow is sick and needs help. Unlike commercial farms, we do not preemptively medicate our herd!

Are Your Cows Only Grass Fed?

Yes! Our cows graze our green pastures from April to December. During the winter months our herd is kept in our spacious barn, where they are fed hay and grass silage cut from our own fields. 

How Much Freezer Space Will I Need?

A whole cow will need about 20 cubic feet, a half cow about 10 cubic feet and a quarter cow will need about 5 cubic feet. 

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