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What You Get in a Whole Beef


Highest Quality Premium Steaks

30-40lbs of top notch steaks including; Ribeyes, T-Bones, Sirloin Tips, Top Sirloins and Flank Steaks.


A New Standard For Ground Beef

94-132lbs of the best Ground Beef you've ever had. Perfect for Burgers, Tacos, Meatloaf, you name it... Packed in convenient 1lb packages.


Crowd Pleasing Cuts

88-116lbs of Savory Cuts perfect for the family or party time! Includes; Roasts and Stew Meat in convenient 1lb packages; and all of the following 'special cuts: Brisket, Back Ribs, Short Ribs.


FREE Extras

Add on nutrition-packed beef bones, fat, liver, tail, tongue, kidney, spleen, heart, stomach to any order at no charge! A must have for every family to make their own broth, lard, burger mixes, dog food and more!

Whole Beef DEPOSIT

  • Our cows hanging weight is 500-600 pounds, this is the weight that you pay for on a per-pound basis. Our all inclusive price is $8 Per lb. The balance is paid before pickup, the total will be between $4000-$4800 (includes deposit).  When the butcher is done, the beef you take home is about 60% of the total hanging weight. When all said and done, a typical whole cow will be between 300-360lbs of usable meat in your freezer!

    • All butchering and processing fees

    • Dry aging for flavor and tenderness between 14 to 21 days.

    • All items are professionally packaged, and labeled with name of cut. All meat is flash frozen to preserve freshness, quality and flavor.

    • Cuts are vacuum sealed from McPhee's Butcher Block as well as Matt's Custom Meats, Butcher Boys uses shrink wrap and Wards Custom Meats uses a high quailty paper that is double wrapped for indefinite fresh quality in the freezer.

    • Pick up will be at the butcher of choice 

    • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

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