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Family owned farm since 1948! With 70 years of experience and knowledge we focus on highest quality beef. Our beef is pasture raised and finished. From field to table, local and family run.

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@Anna Kruse Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

Chopping Meat

How Much Beef can I order at one time?

You can order your beef in 1/4, 1/2, or whole cow increments. When all said and done, a typical whole cow will between 300-420lbs of usable meat in your freezer!

Butcher with Beef
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What's the typical hanging weight for a cow?

What other fees are there when buying bulk beef?

Our cows hanging weight is 500-700 pounds, this is the weight that you pay for on a per-pound basis. When the butcher is done, the beef you take home is about 60% of the total hanging weight.

When you buy beef from us, you pay two additional fees before filling your freezer:

1. The meat processor who will be cutting and wrapping your beef. Typical cost is ~$1 per pound (of hanging weight).

2. The slaughter fee, which is $140 for a whole cow, you pay the portion of the cow you ordered!


Request Beef Reservation/Quote

(We will reach out with current pricing)

424 Whalen Rd
Woodland WA, 98674


Tel: (360) 609-0723

How much beef would you like?
Beef Breed
Preferred Meat Processor(s)

*Keep in mind, the more flexibility you have in preferred meat processor, the quicker you should be able to get your meat!

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